Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuyen's new bike

A friend of mine picked up a bike yesterday.  There's no truth to the rumors that I've been pressuring him to acquire a new two wheel toy.  Tuyen is a grown man and makes his own decisions!  At no point did the following facts influence him. 1) We live on the same side of town. 2) We just happen to have access to some of the best motorcycle roads around the city.  And, 3) Much like the old tv show Chips..I needed a Jon Baker to my Poncherello.  Needless to say Tuyen came to his senses and purchased the Honda VFR800, otherwise known as the Interceptor.

I rode over to his house this morning to inspect the new ride.  It looks like it's doing 60mph just sitting there.  I'm sure the cops won't give him a second glance.  After much grunting of approval we headed out on some of the local roads to get his sea legs back.  From what I could tell in my rear view mirrors, the red dot seemed to stay upright for the most we headed over to the local bike shop On Any Moto.  Tuyen wanted to add some softer hand grips, as the current "hard" grips were causing some pain in his wrists.  There he is ladies, don't hold now!!!

New grips installed.  Notice the color choice. Apparently there wasn't enough red on the bike already.

After all the hard work of having someone else perform manual labor, we decided it was time to get some grub.

I was going to snap a shot of my burger and fries, but that thought lasted less then a second before it was completely forgotten.  The burger never had a chance.  Once the belly was full we decided to head back.  We made a small detour to the top of A Mountain for a view of the city.

I'm sure the tales of our future adventures will grace these pages soon.  Until then, ride safe!

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