Thursday, April 25, 2013

4th Annual Tucson Vintage/Classic Motorcycle Show - Part II

More eye candy from the 4th Annual Tucson Vintage Motorcycle show.  Tuyen and I stopped by to check out the bikes last Sunday.

Tuyen was in love with this Honda CBX.  Six Cylinder Baby!
 That's a whole lotta pipes!
Another attempt at artistic headlamp shot.
 Very pretty Norton!
 Tuyen wanted me to tell Kiri that he grabbed the camera and took these photos.  It sounds like a good story, so we're going to go with that.
 This photo is dedicated to SonjaM who's currently making a huge leap to the old world.  Be safe over there guys!
 Sad to say I had to look him up.  My knowledge of famous motorcycle persona is limited to non-existent.  John Penton was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 1998!
 For some reason this T100 looked wider then my T100.  Tuyen and I thought the rider had switched tanks..or maybe it was really a older America??  All I know is that it looked beefier.
 Need more power?  How about adding a V8 to your motorcycle.  Meet the Boss Hoss.
 Don't adjust your screen.  That is just a really, really wide tank.
More Royal Enfield love as I was getting ready to leave.  I like the canvas saddle bags.
Well that does it for 2013.  Hope everyone can make it to show number 5!  Can't wait!  I'll be there taking pictures.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4th Annual Tucson Vintage/Classic Motorcycle Show - Part I

Last Sunday Tuyen and I took a little ride down to the 4th Annual Tucson Vintage Bike show.  Seems to get bigger each year.  It's held at the Barrio Brewing Company downtown.  I just wanted to share some of my pictures.  Not going to give a lot of commentary.  Just enjoy the eye candy!

Quick shot after getting off the bike.  It's like being a kid in the parking lot of Disneyland.  Gotta go see...gotta go see!
I've always been a big fan of the Royal Enfield's.  I looked at getting one before deciding on the Bonnie.  They're sweet looking rides.
Notice how the crash guard has some sort of wind screen with a hole cut out for the exhaust.  Kind of defeats the purpose of air cool.  Also, right side shifter.  That would mess me up in so many ways.
Mid 90's Triumph Trophy?
I thought the tank badge looked like a Triumph badge flipped upside down. Minus the knee pad.
 Definitely the same, if not more people since last year.  Quite a few more classic bikes and less modern ones parked on the street.
 Best looking bike at the show in my opinion.  1958 BMW R60 w/Geko Sidecar.
Fat front tire always looks mean!
Second best looking bike at the show IMO.  Do I have a secret desire for sidecars??
A lot of interest in this bike.  A Ural M70 Solo 2012.  Supposedly one of ten made.  Don't know much about it.

I will own a vintage headlight.  It's only a matter of time.
1974 R90S.  Can you find the hidden camera?
 Nice collection of vintage Indians.
I believe this was a 1917 Powerplus? Indian
1927 BSA 500cc.
Honda CBR 1000F.   Looks fast just standing still.
 If this bike had a soundtrack it would be "I'm too Sexy"
 If this bike had a soundtrack it would be "Funky Town"
Tuyen checking out a hot BMW.  Who's the guy rocking the pipe?  Don't see that too often these days.
More pictures tomorrow.