Saturday, September 24, 2016

Montana Trip - Part VII

Still going to finish this trip out, two years down the road.

The next morning we broke camp and headed into Sturgis.
 The Trophy in a sea of Harleys.
 We spent the morning wandering the main drag, taking in the sights.
 All sorts of custom bikes to be found.
 Can you imagine taking this bike on a cross country road trip?
 We stopped in all the famous hangouts.
 The Blues Brothers were keeping the peace.
 Every minute of the day is filled with the constant drone of loud pipes.
 She had about twenty guys taking photos, me included.  I don't know if those heels are appropriate safety gear, but they certainly work with that bike.
 We had lunch in town and then hit the road.  We only had one day in the Black Hills and still wanted to stop by Mount Rushmore.  We made camp early at Fort Welikit Campground.  We got lucky setting up camp early.  It rained later that night and it would have sucked setting up our tents in the rain.
 We made a point to head towards Mount Rushmore on U.S. Route 16A. A great road with 360 degree curves and one lane tunnels.  I recommend, if you're in the area, to check it out.
 Mount Rushmore was off in the distance.
 Here's a zoomed in view.
 I believe this was my second time here.
 We headed over to Hill City for dinner.
 One of those perfect evenings.  We had reached our farthest point from home and tomorrow marked the point where we had to turn back towards reality.
 After dinner we headed towards camp.  We hit a pretty heavy downpour and had to crawl into our tents with the rain coming down.
More to come...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Old Photos

Random Old Photos.  Testing Googles new photo album.  Not liking it.  Still planning on finishing the Sturgis trip.

The old white truck.  My dad still has this vehicle.

A younger photo of myself.