Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming home

I'm typing this up from a campground in Kanab, Utah.  It's 10:15pm and the stars look amazing from where i sit.  My Dad and I are heading home after an amazing 7 days on the road.  We're going to stop and visit my uncle tomorrow, and then I'll be able to see my lovely wife on Wednesday.  Today marks our 13th wedding anniversary.  Love you honey!  Thanks for letting me go traipsing through the country side on Bonnie:).  See you soon.  Here are a couple teaser pics from the road.


Monday, May 20, 2013

New Bling for Bonnie

Going to be a short post.  Tomorrow morning my dad and I are heading out on a 8 day motorcycle trip through New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  I didn't want to leave without getting one last segment in.  I've been meaning to type this one up but procrastination is that ugly bug I can't flick off my shoulder sometimes.  Anyway, a couple of new items now adorn Bonnie.

My lovely wife asked what I wanted for Christmas six months ago.  I made the comment that if she wanted to get me something completely frivolous I did have my eye on this new stator cover made by the Speed Merchant guys.  Christmas morning came and I discovered my wish had been granted under the Christmas tree.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of it in the box.  So you'll have to suffer through some before and after pictures.

And After:

I was going to install it myself.  But in the end I had to take it in for some other work and I just decided to have the guys from the garage install it.  I know, I wussed out. 

The old cover had a few scratches on it..from a mild lay down in some gravel.  The new cover extends the ribbed fin look off of the cylinder heads.  Overall I'm very happy with it.  And I highly recommend the Speed Merchant guys if you're looking for any cool gear.

Item number two is a odd one.  I've been playing a Blizzard computer game called StarCraft.  One of the characters in the game has a suit of armor with a cool looking pin up girl.  You can see it here on his left shoulder. 
For whatever reason I kept thinking what a cool design it was and I started toying with the idea of getting it painted somewhere on Bonnie.  I found a better picture of it below via Google images.
Rather then taking a risk of this going bad I decided to buy a spare side panel off of Ebay.  That way in case the art came out bad I still had the original I could put back on.  Here is the spare I ordered off of Ebay.  The seller did say it was a right side panel.  I thought that meant if you were sitting on the bike it would be on the right.  Ends up it was the right side if you were looking head on at the bike.  Oh well.
Next I had to find a good artist.  After some searching I stumbled upon some guys out of Phoenix called Rolling Art Custom Paint.  I emailed them a request for a quote and a cool dude named Bobby got back to me with a good price.  So I sent it in.  After a few weeks I found this sitting on my doorstep.
Talk about being a little kid again.  You'd think I was opening a box full of gold.
And for the final reveal.......oh yeah!!! I think they nailed it!  Extremely pleased.
And here's what she looks like on the bike.  Kiri liked it so much she's already planning what I'm getting on the other side.  Rolling Art did an amazing job.  If you're looking to have some work done they were extremely professional and knocked it out in no time.  Check out their website if you have time!
Well that's going to have to do it.  It's getting late and I still have some last minute packing to do.  I should have some trip photos ready for posting in a few weeks.  Until then, everyone stay safe out there!