Monday, June 2, 2014

Paris 2014 - Part VII

Sunday was our last full day in Paris.  There was still tons to see and do, but we had to pick and choose carefully now, since we couldn't fit everything in.

We started the morning at our favorite bakery with breakfast quiches.
Then we started walking towards a church we wanted to explore when we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a bird and fish flea market.
Time was ticking so we browsed and moved on.
The church we wanted to visit was called St. Chappelle, and it's sort of famous for its stain glass windows.
As you enter, you're eyes are drawn to the ceiling.  Amazing!
There were some stain glass windows here, but nothing to write home about.
Then we find out there is an upstairs.  Ok, let's check that out.
Now that's more like it!
Looking straight up.
After being shocked and awe'd we headed out towards our next stop.
That was going to be a museum, but on the way there we found ourselves in the middle of a park, and decided to rest for a bit.
After resting the legs we continued on to the Orangarie museum.  This is the place that has two full round rooms of Monet's Water Lilies.  There was a line to get in,  but since it was the first Sunday of the month admission was free.  Win!
Unfortunately you can't take photos of the water lilies, but no such restrictions on the rest of the museum.
They have art here from most of the famous impressionists.  Monet, Renoir, Picasso, etc etc.
Some of my favorites.
We started to get hungry so we left the museum and strolled our way through the streets of Paris towards a outdoor maket area called Rue Cler.
On the way there we noticed a Triumph Trophy.  What a nice looking bike!
Just snapping photos along the way.
Stopped at a bakery and watched them make cakes and other goodies.
Finally found a place that looked good and we grabbed a bite.  I was in the mood for pizza again.  Do you get the feeling that we might have put some weight on with this trip?? I do:)
After lunch I wanted to check out where Napolian was buried.  For a small guy, he was buried in a rather large way.
And there he is.
This complex also had quite the selection of war museums.  Kiri gracefully allowed me to spend a few hours browsing the World War I exhibit.

From here we decided to wander back to the hotel along the Seine.

Later that evening we took a metro out to the Eiffel Tower where we were going to sit and watch the lights come on.  We grabbed dinner first.  We both wanted salmon so we ordered the same item.
Followed by a delicious dessert.
Later that evening we sat and enjoyed the tower.  I didn't take any photos.  Why ruin the moment:)

Today we're doing the airport thing.  We don't want to go back, but normal life beckons.  I'll make this last post from the Dallas airport as we wait to make our connection to Tucson.  

Hope I didn't bore to many people.  Motorcycle posts coming back.  I promise.  Thanks for reading.  Take care!

Paris 2014 - Part VI

Saturday we had signed up for a bus tour of the Loire Valley.  Which meant we had to be at the pickup site at 7:30am.  Waaay too early!
After meeting the tour guide, we jumped on the bus and headed out of Paris.
The Loire Valley is famous for its French chateau's.  We we're going to visit three today.  First up was Chateau Chambord.
As we toured the grounds our guide covered the amazing history of this place.  Which, I won't go into here.  My poor fingers ache from too much typing already:)
This particular chateau served as a hunting lodge back in the day.  The decorations were themed with scenes of dogs and stags.
This chateau had a staircase in the center supposedly designed by DiVinci.  It was a double helix, so one could go up or down and never run into the other person on the other staircase.
We headed outside on the balcony.
Great views.
Our time was short, and we had to board the bus for our next stop Chateau de Nitray.  A much smaller chateau, used as winery now, but still built back in the 1600's.  The owner have us a wine tasting.
We were served lunch prior to the tour.  Baked chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, salad, wine, and apple pie for dessert!
Then came the tour.  The owner was quite the character!
He showed us a pigeon coop.  Back in the day the pigeons, and eggs, we're eaten as food.  And the poop was gathered for fertilizer.
Next up was a tour of the winery before we had to board the bus again and move on.
Next us was Chateau de Chenonceau.  This is the second most visited chateau in France.  The first being Versailles.  Chenonceau has an amazing history.  Check it out if you get a chance.
Our tour guide gave us a quick history of the place before turning us loose to explore on our own.
We heard there was a garden maze, so we headed that way.
After a great day we had to head back to Paris.
That evening we enjoyed a nice meal before heading off to bed.  Sorry for the quick ending.  We're about to board the plane back to the states.  I'm hoping to have the last day completed when we land in Dallas.  Stay tuned!