Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nice Rack!

One thing about the Bonneville, there's absolutely no storage whatsoever.  So two things I've been trying to decide on are bags, and a nice rear rack to strap things like sleeping bag, tent, etc.  At the same time I don't want to ruin the overall look of the bike.  While reading through various blogs I noticed a picture of a Renntec rack on another T100, and thought it complimented the bike pretty well.  So I purchased one through  It took forever!! to get here...back order and all that.  But it finally arrived and I bolted it on last weekend.
It wasn't to difficult.  You undo the two bolts which attach the rear suspension to the frame and then there are four additional bolts which attach, to the frame, under the seat.
After removing the seat you can see the four bolt holes on the left side.
If I remember correctly it can only support 5-6kgs of weight, so we're talking light items here.  I bought an expandable bag to go with it.  Nice to throw an extra shirt or pair gloves in so I don't have to wear a backpack while riding.
Here she is with the seat back on.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the final look.

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