Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 26th Tucson ride with the Freewheelers

The day after Christmas I was able to talk Kiri into riding with the Freewheelers.  She was eager to don the anti-road rash protection gear and head out into the great beyond we call Tucson.  We met the other mean looking bikers at a local watering hole called Starbucks.  You may have heard of it.

Kiri and I, waiting for the other bikes to line up for the party.  Let's go!! This is one of my new favorite photos.  We look like extras from the Max Max movies. 

What would we do without red lights??  We were lucky to have a sweeper car following us to capture those special "outside the crowd" photos. 

We took Ina to Sunrise heading east across the north side of Tucson.  Near Craycroft we veered off and hit a view residential streets because they gave us some very cool views over the city. 

On the far east side of town we made our first pit stop at Agua Caliente Regional Park.  Nice place with plenty of shade and actual water!  Pretty rare in these parts. 

Doesn't get much cuter then that!  Oh and I guess Kiri looks all right too.

A mean looking bunch.  They're libel to help you across the street or worse!!

Ok, park time over.  Let's ride.

 We head out towards southeast Tucson.  Kiri and I are on the second bike.

The weather was top notch.  You can't beat sun and dry weather for late December.  Eat your hearts out northerners.

The sweeper car was able to grab a quick video of us.  Kiri and I are the third bike from the front.

South of town the group stopped for lunch at Chuy's.  Kiri and I ordered California burgers.  Tasty!

 The weather was so nice we decided to eat outside.

We headed home after lunch.  We had to meet some out of town friends for a movie later that evening.  Another 100 miles added onto the bike.  Had a blast.  Can't wait for the next ride.

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