Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's the Fuzz!

It was an interesting weekend.  Yesterday I met Tuyen for our first ride through Gate's Pass.  After stopping up at his house, we headed to the nearest gas station to fill up.  Tuyen pulls up to the pump and I park right behind him.  I get off my bike just in time to see a Tucson police office coming right at us.  My mind starts racing, trying to figure out what traffic violation we may have broken.  You know that feeling. Your heart starts pounding and your palms begin to sweat.  As the officer comes to a stop he yells out the window.."Hello fellow VFR rider!".  WHEW!  It turns out this officer rides a Honda VFR and the weird thing is he has a friend who rides a Triumph Bonneville!  Talk about a small world.  He saw Tuyen and I, and couldn't help himself.  He just had to say hello.  We talked motorcycles for about 15 minutes.  Both he and his fellow riding buddy are big into the cycle forums.  And they had just gotten back from a ride through California, which entailed riding through rain most of the time.  We got to see some pictures on his iPhone.

It was just one of those fluke encounters that you never see coming.  There's more to this story later.  But after saying our goodbyes, Tuyen and I headed off over Gate's Pass.  It was a good ride and Tuyen had a blast.  We stopped for lunch at a Subway before heading home.  This was the shot from the parking lot.

I usually meet friends for Disc golf every Saturday.  So I had to cut the ride short and head home to grab my discs.  If you've never heard of Disc golf...check it out.  It's a great way to spend time on your weekend with friends.  Tuyen split off and headed over to a motorcycle shop to pick up a tank bag.

Unfortunately I played like crap :(  I was really off my game and came in last out of six people.  I don't think my head was in the game.  I did get to see another bike at the park.  A Suzuki SV 650.  From far away I thought it might have been a Triumph Street Triple.

After golf I filled up the tank and headed home.  I stopped along the side of the road to grab a quick shot of the sun setting on the Catalina's.  The picture doesn't capture what I saw.

So, when I get home Kiri mentions that Tuyen called and wants to go out to dinner.  He wants us to head over to his house first so he can show us his new tank bag.  Kiri is aware of more information at this point..but she doesn't fill me in.  When we get to his house the first thing he asks me is if I've ever heard the sound of fiber glass breaking.  I'm not quite sure what to make of this. is his new tank bag.

If you're the type to pick out strange things you might have noticed the "little" scratch in the middle of the picture.  Turns out that after buying the tank bag Tuyen wanted to see if it would actually stick in place.  For those of you who don't know it's held in place by magnets.  So Tuyen starts rocking the bike back and forth in the parking lot just to see how those magnets work.  The good news is that the magnets work like a charm.  The bad news is that gravity works just as well and when Tuyen was at maximum swing the weight of the bike got away from him and he went down.  Here's a close up of the damage.

Tuyen's ok.  He just bruised his pride a little.  He was pinned under the bike and was lucky enough that the motorcycle salesmen was able to help him get out from under it.  Kiri and I got to hear the whole story over dinner.  We decided it could have been worse.  He could have fallen over onto another persons bike.

I got a text from Tuyen this morning.  Turns out he contacted the police officer over the VFR forums and got a tip on where he can take the fiber glass panel to be repaired.  Tuyen also told me that the office wants to go riding with us!  No pressure:)

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