Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two's company, Thirty is a crowd.

Last weekend the riding club had a get together for one of our fellow riders. She had gotten her bike back from the garage, after a nasty run in with pavement a few months back.  What better way to celebrate getting your bike back then riding with a few friends.  When I first signed up for this ride there were only eight people going.  The day the actual event was upon us there were 30+ sign ups.  I prefer riding in small groups. But since this was a short ride around the Tucson mountains, and the weather was beautiful, I said what the heck.  After a safety talk to get everyone on the same page, we were off.

We had a few bikes that still needed to fill up.  So we stopped by the gas pumps on our way out of town.

I talked Tuyen into coming.  Nothing like starting out on your first group ride with a huge mass of motorcycles making you nervous.  I like this picture though.  I'm sure he's thinking "lets go people, I've got laundry to get back too!"

A quick shot of myself and we were off.

I wouldn't want to lead a large group of bikes through town.  Keeping everyone together through lights and stop signs would be a nightmare.  Luckily we just did a quick loop around the Tucson mountains, where there are very few stops.

We pulled up for lunch at a small airport outside of town called Ryan Airfield.  There's a restaurant at the entrance called Todd's Place.  I had never heard of it, but the food was good.  Here are the bikes in the parking lot.

And the view from inside the restaurant looking out at the planes.

Here's the final shot of the day.  We got everyone together for a group shot.  A waitress took the picture.  I'm in the back, eighth head from the right.  Overall a fun day.

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