Friday, May 23, 2014

Phoenix Progressive International Motorcycle Show - 2014 Part II

Some additional photos of the Progressive IMS held in Phoenix last January.  Comments will be sparse as the wife and I are jumping on a plane tomorrow and I still need to pack:)  When she finds out that I submitted a blog post I'm gonna be in serious trouble!

No suicide shifter is complete without the antler grip!
 Who knew I'd look so good on a Harley??

 Not my cup of tea.  Looks like it rolled off Santa's assembly line where all the elves had been high on crystal meth.
 Been trying to talk my dad into buying one of these.  My pitbull hunting dog could ride in the back while we drove to where the birds were hanging out.

 This would get be a whole bunch of speeding tickets, and then a revoked license.
 Timmy was thinking about driving this one home.
 I'm going to have to pick up one of these before my trek across the Australian Outback.
 I believe the is the Honda CTX1300?  Interesting looking bike.
 I'm drawn to the retro bikes.  The Honda CB1100.  Looks too small for me in the picture.

 This guy was out in the parking lot.  It could have driven right out of any number of post apocalyptic movie scripts.  The shiny white area on the ground was where the oil was dripping out.  That was a nice touch!
 The Joker Bike.

 Ooops! the wife just found me out.  Hope you liked the pictures.  Next couple of posts should be a little more up-to-date. Take care!

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  1. A lot of custom paint jobs there. Some nice, some screaming like you said.

    And where ever you are flying to - have fun and take lost of pics.