Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Paris 2014 - Part III

Day 3 started off a bit late as well.  It was time for lunch,  but I wanted breakfast.  Yelp showed a breakfast place just down the street:). An American diner!!
It was called Breakfast in America, and it was just want I needed.
Next we headed over to the pantheon.  Hey look it's under construction!!
Still lots to see inside,  just have to stay off the black plastic:)
Down below we're the crypts.  Quite a few people, most notably Marie Curie and her husband.
Check out the number of bikes parked outside.  They were guarded by a rather large giant.
Next we headed over to the Luxembourg Gardens.  My kind of tourist attraction.
Kiri had been looking for one of two Statue of Liberty statues in Paris.  We found one here in the gardens.
As we were headed over to check out St. Sulpice church Kiri ran into a friend.
There was a art fair going on outside the church.  We wandered the isles.
St. Sulpice.  I couldn't fit the front of the church into the frame, it was so large.
Next we headed over to the Museum of Rodin.  This is called "The Kiss".  
And of course the Thinker
I was more impressed with some of Rodin's Van Goughs.
We toured the grounds of Rodin's mansion.
One of his other sculptures, called the Gates of Hell.  I made sure to lock it after looking through,  at least I think I locked it.
After Rodin,  we spotted this guy in the wild.  First new Indian I've seen out on the road.
Found a nice cafe for dinner.
Kiri had the roast duck, I had a Chez burger.
Finished off with a great dessert!  Pana Cotta.  We didn't know what that was.  It's like a yogurt with berry sauce on top.
As we wandered over to the tower we couldn't help ourselves.  Fresh blackberries!
Today was the day we were going to the top of Eiffel.
We climbed the stairs to the second level,  where we had to wait in line to catch the elevator.
Finally at the top!
At the top of the Eiffel Tower on our 14th wedding anniversary!  Love you honey!
Third night watching the lights come on.
And wandering back to the hotel in the cool Paris nights.
Whew!  All caught up.


  1. Ah, the Eiffel Tower, on which my better half proposed... we just celebrated our 15th anniversary. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Happy 15th!! Tell your better half he picked an amazing place to propose!

  2. Another great day. Happy Belated Anniversary you two!!

    Love that last pic, it just seems to typically Parisian, like some of the prints you see out there. Of course your wife is always photogenic.

    1. Thank you! I'll pass on your words, she'll appreciate them.