Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Phoenix Progressive International Motorcycle Show - 2014 Part I

The Progressive IMS finally held a show in Phoenix back in January.  I had been hoping they'd make a stop in Arizona, so of course I had to go.  I wrangled co-worker "Big Tim" to go.  You may know him from such posts as the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show.  Little know fact about Tim, he's Steve McQueen's long lost brother.  He'll deny it, but it's 100% true.

 And, my dad decided to come along.  He'll say he wanted to see the show but deep down he just wanted to ride his bike.  This guy now commutes to work on his Explorer.  You can't keep him away from it!
 The show was held at the University of Phoenix stadium.  This is where the Arizona Cardinals play.
 They had "motorcycle only" parking close to the stadium.  We were too cool to park with the crowd.  That, and we just happened to park in the first empty space we saw.  Another cool fact, they have free gear check inside.  Didn't find that out until after leaving my boots, jacket and helmet with the bike.
 Was going to wait and state it later, but the best part of the show was checking out all the bikes in the parking lot.
 Lime green Tiger power!

 My dad was stoked to see another Explorer in the parking lot.

 "Hey! lets go inside!"  ..ok ok..."wait!..just a few more shots of these bikes!"

 This headlight was huge!!  Was this a custom add-on for RoadKing's or a option from the factory??
 Finally made our way inside.  Kind of neat to be on the floor of the stadium and get the feel from the players perspective.
 Not going to say much.  Just thought people would like to check out various bike photos.

 Had to jump on the BMW RnineT.  Thought they did a nice job with this bike.  Haven't had a chance to ride one yet..but if I could own 10 or so bikes this would be in the garage.

 Is it me, or does the front of the 2014 R1200RT remind you of the face of Predator??

 Big Tim checking out his next bike purchase.  Kiri tells me the name of the bike isn't nice.
 The name of this bike was "Double Vision".

 Now this was more my speed.

 Double passenger side card and a weird front end.

 I liked the down tube of the frame.
More to come!


  1. Some interesting custom bikes at the show.

    I haven't seen one of those bright green Tigers in a long time. They are a sight to behold aren't they? Wouldn't get lost in a snowstorm.

    I agree, the best of the shows are always in the parking lot.

  2. Indeed they are! I've got some more pictures from the parking lot at the end of the next post.