Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My dad's new 2012 Triumph Explorer

We're going to take a short break from the trip.  My dad picked up his new Triumph Explorer from the dealer today and Kiri and I went down to see him off.  I had intended to ride the Bonnie down and take a short jaunt over Gate's pass with him.  Unfortunately I had gotten some food poisoning the night before and I wasn't feeling safe enough to pilot the bike. 

And here is the new steed and it's master.
It didn't take long for Kiri to try out the passenger seat.
Views of the bike from different angles
LIVE! video footage of what the bike sounds like.  Ok, maybe not live but live enough!
Ahhh look at all the different Bonneville's
While there I couldn't help but notice this Sprint ST that someone had just traded in.  I hadn't seen one with the top case installed.
Soon we were outside and they were going over all the bells and whistles.
A shot of under the seat.  The bike comes with it's own tools under the passenger seat.
And he was off!
There's nothing better then a kid and his brand new bike.
We ended up going down the frontage road.  Kiri drove and I felt like paparazzi shooting out the window.
Back to the LIVE video footage.
This is right out of the Jurassic Park movie.
Looks like it was a good purchase.


  1. That is so awesome and I am so jealous. What a great looking bike and a very happy, happy boy. Congratulations Dad!

  2. First - bummer on the food poisoning, hope you feel better.

    Second - WOOHOO on the new bike purchase. You can't go wrong with a Triumph. How long before the new wears off and Dad lets you take it for a spin?

    Kiri looks comfy on the back,it looks like a better knee angle than the Tiger 955. The passenger pegs are high on Troubadour's Tiger which makes for bendy gumby legs.

  3. Haha:) Now that he has his new bike..he just might let me ride his _old_ one:) I may have to wait 14 years before I get a chance to hop on this one.

    And yes, feeling much better now! Thanks