Thursday, May 31, 2012

London day 4

You'll notice I'm a day behind on my posts. Kiri is giving me grief that I can't keep up.

Day four was a walk-around and explore day. We got another late start at around 10am. I found the reason for this though. Keep in mind were so far north that it's stays daylight until 10pm. That, plus the nice weather makes you want to stay out late. Kiri and I aren't getting back to the hotel until 11 or 12. Also, as I explained before. We're on vacation.:) So we sat in the park and had our coffee and breakfast sandwich when most Londoners were starting lunch.

We headed down the river walk to Big Ben. We hadn't gotten our couple pose in front of it yet so we were going to go beg passer by's to take our picture.

This is the statue of Boadicea, that sits caddy corner from Big Ben. Kiri tells me it's pronounced "Boo-da-ca". Who knows if that's right but she's pretty smart so we'll roll with it.

Close up of Big Ben. We did get our couples shot, but it's on the other camera.

Next we walked around the Houses of Parliment to the Victoria Tower garden. Lots! of people out sunning themselves. Being from Arizona, you forget other regions don't see the sun much.

We walked across the street so I could snap a photo of these bikes. I'm seeing a lot of scooters with canopies. This one was a BMW C1.

We made our way back to Westminster Abbey for a tour. Thought this street looked cool on our way there.

Westminster Abbey didn't allow photography. But second only to St. Paul's cathedral this place is amazing. I got to see where Charles Darwin and Newton are buried! Two shots from outside.

The Abbey tour was pretty long. So we did my favorite thing to do in London. Visit a pub. It allows you to wet your whistle and plan your next thing to see. This one was called "The Red Lion".

Downing street was just down the block. You can't see the door from the street, but there is plenty of security.

Also nearby is the royal horse guards.

Would have thought these would have followed US phone booths and disappeared, but no, they're all over the place.

Next we headed west into St. James Park.

An amazing topiary in the shape of a crown. Not sure if this is always here or if it's for the Queens jubilee.

Looking down the mall, away from Buckingham Palace. They're getting ready for a party.

And this is the Queen Victoria Memorial. They've turned it into a stage and arena for the big party this Sunday.

The typical pictures of Buckingham Palace.

We walked down "Constitution Hill" road, which cuts through Green Park until we came to Wellington Arch.

We had one dark cloud pass over us and received our first downpour in London. Luckily it was a fast moving cell and it was over before it started.

Next we entered Hyde Park. This place is amazing!!

After kiri sat down in this chair a park attendant came over to her with a handheld card reader and charged her 1.5pounds for use of it. She paid, and at first your like it's a chair! That's not right. But then you figure the park has to make money somehow. There isn't an entrance fee. You'd be surprised at how many people use these chairs.

I walked over to "The Serpentine" lake and captured this mother with her baby swans. She was pulling up algae so they could reach it and feed.

Next we wandered down to the Princess Diana memorial fountain and Kiri dipped her feet in. She said it was mighty cold.

Soon afterword it started to sprinkle and we found a tree to hide under. Other people were doing the same.

The rain stopped but I had Kiri keep the umbrella out for effect.

And again at the Albert memorial on the south side of the park.

From here we headed due north and crossed the park through the middle. Half way through we saw a sign that read "Italian fountains" this way. So we headed towards it.

Turns out it was a Italian styled garden Prince Albert had built for Queen Victoria. Very beautiful!

It was around 6pm and we were getting hungry. So we popped across the street into a pub called "The Swan". We both ordered burgers.

With our bellies full we caught the subway back to the hotel. I don't think I've posted any subway pics yet. Kiri and I loooove subways. We purchased week long Oyster cards and we just go and come as we please.

After a quick clean up we went out for a night stroll along the river. The lights from Parliment look like they came right out of a storybook.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. Isn't public transit just great in the 'old world'?

    I love those English gardens. You guys are really blessed with good weather. I am all envious... pulling out the umbrella for show. Pfft.

  2. Awesome. I am glad you guys are having so much fun. It looks like you are able to see all the popular sights.

    I am really enjoying your pictures and narrative.