Sunday, May 27, 2012

London day 1

It's been a long 48 hours. We arrived at Heathrow airport around 8am London time after being on the plane for 9 hours. The customs line extended forever. Moooooooo.

We took an express train into Paddington station before catching the tube. Right out of Harry Potter:)

After mastering our way through the underground we arrived at our hotel.

You know it's a great hotel when there is a Street triple parked outside.

We we're too early to check in so we left the bags and headed out to find the Ace Cafe. It was Sunday, so i figured it would be the best day to see riders there.

The place was packed! I couldn't believe the crowd there.

We got in line and ordered some drinks and food. I felt like we were on the "Cafe Racer" tv show. I even saw some of the older riders who had been here in the early days of the cafe scene. Too cool!

After buying some ace cafe swag and checking out all the bikes we started to head back downtown. We were dragging at the point due to lack of sleep.

The weather was in the eighties, but there was a nice breeze that would cool us off now and then. It's supposed to get cooler as the week goes on.

Kiri by a Trafalgar square lion.

We ended back at hotel around 4pm and couldn't keep our eyes open. So after a 3 hour nap we headed out for dinner at a Thai restaurant in SOHO.

Then a nice evening stroll down the Thames. The weather was perfect.

The end of a great day. More tomorrow!
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  1. Awesome! What a fantastic first day! I agree that it speaks well for a hotel when motorcycles are parked in front.

  2. Wow, you guys got a lot of sightseeing done even being that tired.

    And the Ace Cafe - with that many bikes outside, I am surprised you were able to find a table.

    Looking forward to Day 2.

  3. @Trobairitz - I was nervous about getting a table as well. But we were so famished at this point we just got in line. Luckily a few chairs opened up just as we finished ordering. Amazing how things work out when you just go for it:)