Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Gates Pass Ride

Kiri and I decided to take a ride through Gates Pass last Saturday afternoon.  The weather has been pretty mild, making it a perfect day for a ride. For those unfamiliar with Gates Pass road, here is the Wiki link: Gates Pass

Kiri snaps a picture at the entrance to the pass heading west.

This is a shot looking west over the Saguaro National Park west. At this point we've already gone over the pass and pulled over in the first parking lot.  Here's some more info on the Saguaro Park's.  Saguaro National Park

Looking back at the pass.

We've headed as far west  as the pavement allows.  The road turns to dirt just behind the bike.  Believe it or not this road is called Manville Rd.  I look like a space alien who's just landed to take over the planet.

Found this sign on Avra Valley Rd.  If you keep heading that way you'll eventually get to the Silverbell Mine.  I'm sure they block the road at some point, but I haven't gone any farther then this.

Looking back towards home.  The Tucson mountains are right behind Kiri's shoulder and the Catalina's are to the left.

Overall a nice relaxing ride.  We stopped at a Subway on the way home.  I chatted with a guy paying for his sandwich about the bike.  He owned an old Triumph a long time ago.  He remembered that it shook pretty badly going down the road and wanted to know if the new ones did the same thing.  I told him the new ones ran pretty smoothly.

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