Saturday, January 26, 2013

Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction 2013 - Part 2 (the end)

This is the second post of my trip to the 2013 Barrett-Jackon auto auction in Scottsdale Arizona.  Since my last post I found out some information on how the show ended.  From Barrett's website (source):

Barrett-Jackson Generates Nearly $109 Million In Sales And Sets Record Attendance At The 42nd Annual Scottsdale Auction

  • 1,343 cars sold
  • $108,766,069 gross sales – A 17% increase over 2012
  • 300,000 in attendance
  • Charity cars – 21 total for $5,005,000
I also found out that the purple Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda convertible I showed in my last post, the one with the purple rims, sold for ~$1.3 million dollars.  All I have to say is somebody must really like that color of purple:) Also it saddens me that for the price of one car I could quit my job and tour the world on a motorcycle.

Anyway, we were nearing the end of the main tent and close to heading outside.
Couldn't resist taking a picture of this art in woodworking.
Ahhh the 60's.
I believe this might be the same GT500 in the video on my last post.  If the buyer of this car wants to donate it to me I would not say no.
Mean looking front grill.
This car came with it's own wine from the Shelby vineyards.
 We come to Tim's dream car.  Of all the cars here this is the one he'd like to bid on the most.  It ended up selling for $275,000.00 later that day.  Even though it had little signs on it saying "do not touch", Tim couldn't help himself and placed a single finger on the side panel.  Take that security!  Tim's a bit of a rebel.
I liked the signs hanging around the show.
 This one had a nice color.  Not white..not pearl...maybe Mist?
 One of Vin Diesel's car from the Fast and Furious movies.  Would end up selling for $95,700.00.
 We finally made it outside where you had your pick of typical county fair food.  Tons of BBQ, turkey legs, hamburgers, and various fried concoctions.
 This Bugatti was just lazily parked nearby.
 This is where the cars are prepped prior to heading inside to go on the block.
 A small video of a 1966 custom fastback mustang and a 1955 Chevy Nomad Wagon heading inside.  The mustang would end up selling for $144,000. And the Nomad would sell for $91,000.
Good looking custom Aston Martin.
We finally reached the "Back Field" tents that Bob Skoot had mentioned.
My dad has an old '59 Ford pickup that I used to drive around in high school.  This interior looks just like it except the shifter was on the steering column and it was all white.
 These next few pictures are for Jeff, who is a big VW bus fan.  I know the ones with the small slit windows up top are pretty rare.
I checked.  No Flux capacitor in this one.  Final price for this was $35,200.00.
Cool hood ornament from a DeSoto.
Tim kept calling these car's "Gassers".  I had never heard of the term before.
A couple of pickup trucks made to look rusty and beat up.
Nice looking Ford GT.
Beautiful, beautiful Zagato.  Ranks as one of the favorite cars I saw at the show.
Quick video of Ford's Ride and Drive track.  You could sign up to drive some of Ford's current production cars or you could be driven, at high speed, in a top of the line Corvette or Mustang.

At this point Tim and I were ready to head out.  We'd spent a couple of hours wandering around and we were ready for lunch.  We caught a bus back to the car and made a stop at a Bass Pro Shop in Mesa.  Tim's big into fishing and wanted to look at some new boats and supplies.  I'd never been to one of these places but it's HUGE!  They even had their own restaurant within the store.  So we decided to take a load off and enjoy a nice lunch.  The waitress talked me into a margarita.  We spent the rest of lunch, and the ride home, talking about the many cars we wish we could afford.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Until next post. Stay safe out there.


  1. Another post full of good cars, now you're just teasing.

    I can't believe what that 'cuda sold for. Wow. But like you said, sad that one car could go for so much.

    Oh and that Margarita looks pretty tasty too.

  2. Thanks! It was tasty! So tasty I had to have a second one;)