Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cars and Comics

Last Saturday Kiri and I had one of our good friends visit us from Phoenix.  His name is Jose and he's a huge comic book junkie.  It just so happened that Tucson was having a comic-con down at the convention center and Jose invited us along.  Kiri wasn't going to go at first, but at the last second she changed her mind, and her shirt,  and off we went.
 This was our first visit to a comic convention and we didn't quite know what to expect.
Right off the bat Kiri finds out there is a Dr. Who booth and off she went.  She's a huge fan.  These gentlemen were all posing as various Doctors from the show.  We ended buying some raffle tickets to support their local charity.
Quite a lot of gifts and knick-knacks were purchased for the up coming holidays.  So if you're family, and reading this, when you get that weird looking greeting card you know where it came from.
This kid was spotted sneaking in some formula and the local security forces had to take him into custody.
Kiri asked this gentleman if he had a light, and things got out of control.
As one would expect at a comic-con, there were comic books galore.  These are the old ones of course.  Today's modern comic's border on pieces of art that you could hang on the wall.  Some of the newer stuff is pretty racy as well!
I met one fellow who seemed to have spent too much time at the show.  I told him to go get some water and freshen up.  These poor kids don't know how to pace themselves.
I asked if I could take their picture and they handed me a bottle cap that advertised Blastzone Soda.  Warning, their website seemed to be very very slow.
Tight security everywhere we turned.
Kiri had to leave some important message with this R2 unit before we left.  We had a great time and will definitely be going back next year.  Thanks for taking us Jose!
BUT WAIT! That's not all.  After the comic-con I sweet talked Kiri and Jose into going over to a local car show put on by the Cops and Rodders group.  The show raises funds for the local Tucson Police Foundation.  So we drove over to Reid Park to check it out.
I don't pretend to be a serious car guy so don't expect me to name off all the models.  I just started taking pictures of anything that looked cool.  I really like the look of these old rat rods though.
Always keep your hood ornament warm.
It's almost as if you can hear Kiri saying..."Take a picture of the eye lashes!!!"
Beautiful car.  It's a 1954 Kaiser Darrin.  And the only reason I know that is that I took a picture of the information plaque.
 I was hoping there would be more vintage bikes there, but pickings were slim.  I'm betting that helmet doesn't have DOT or Snell approval.
Someone was working on their next tank.
Corvette should go back to making cars like this.
More Rat Rod!
I really liked the look of this old cargo truck.  It even had a sleeping compartment behind the cab.
Get your purple bling on!
 Found this bus interesting since we had just gotten back from a Bisbee trip.  I found a cool PDF that talks about the history of these buses.
 Sweet looking Mack fire truck.
So many cool cars and trucks.  I ended up taking too many photos!  This post just has a small subset of pictures and I'm already running long.
 Kiri's favorite car of the day.  Can you tell why?
My favorite car of the day.  I like the windshield.
As we walked back to the car I thought this would be a nice artsy finishing picture.  It was a great day spent with great company.  Sorry this ran a little long but I didn't want to break it into two posts. Until next time!


  1. That sounds like a fun day. Comics and cars. I would have been more home at the car show any day. Grown ups dressing up for comic con freaks me out, lol. I am glad you guys had fun, but you weren't wearing costumes. Maybe next year?

    My favorite car has to be the blue and white Corvette or the pink Ford with the eyelashes - hey I'm a girl what can I say.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a marvelous set of wheels. I am a Dr Who fan, too by the way, so just that you know. (And I am a Trekkie... oh my, I am old).

    Good times!

  3. @Trobairitz - Ha yeah I'm usually not a big fan of crowded events either. After a period of time I'm like, lets get out of here!

    It just so happens that Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I don't like to dress up..I just like to check out other people's costumes. So while I'll probably go again next year you won't find me in a costume:)

    @SonjaM - Kiri is a huge Dr. Who fan! I'm more of a Trekkie fan myself. You have great taste! Not sure if you've seen the last few seasons of Dr. Who. They're really really good. This last season hasn't impressed me yet. Thanks for reading!