Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bisbee Ride 2012 (Part III - The End)

This is the last post of a ride I took with my wife, parents, and our friend Tuyen a couple of weeks ago.  We had just spent the afternoon exploring Bisbee, and now the sun had dipped below the surrounding hills.  It was getting dark and people were starting to get hungry!  Time to find some grub.
Both Tuyen and Kiri are big Yelp users, so they plugged in their location and found a place called the 555 Grill.  We started making our way there.
Yelp didn't let us down.  The food was delicious!  Tuyen had rack of lamb.
While Kiri and I shared some ribs and salmon.
As I mentioned earlier, the bartender from the Copper Queen was sitting at the next table.  She highly recommended the fried cheesecake with mango sauce, so we gave it a shot.  Mm-mm good.  Tuyen left a Yelp review.  Depending when you read this, it could still be there.
 After dinner we took a small stroll to burn off all of those calories.  We figured 10 minutes would probably be enough.  My dad posing with a monument dedicated to the copper miners, past and present, who worked the nearby mines.
I was unaware that the Bisbee "B" lit up at night. 
At some point the parents headed back to their hotel.  Tuyen, Kiri and I wandered around.  Tuyen wanted to check out the Bisbee Inn, aka Hotel La More.  The proprietor was still up and let us check out some of his empty rooms.  We may give this place a shot the next time we're in town.
Looking out over the Brewery Gulch.
Before hitting the hay the three of us had a small night cap at the saloon in our hotel.  As you can tell, Kiri and Tuyen were mesmerized by my witty banter and conversation.
After a wonderful nights sleep I got up early to go find the parents.
I found one of the Bisbee 1000 stairways.  Apparently this one contained 181 steps.
My parents were already up and loading up the bike when I arrived.  The Inn at Castle Rock, their hotel, was supposedly built over an old mine shaft that filled up with spring water.  They have a restaurant downstairs built around it and I grabbed a few shots.
After rounding up the troops we had a quick breakfast at the Bisbee Coffee Company.  We were going to stay in town until the Mining museum opened up, but Tuyen needed to get back to Tucson and we felt we should all stay together as a group.
After loading up the bikes we drove a short distance, east of town, and arrived at the Lavender Pit.
As you can read from the Wikipedia page, this mine was run from 1950 to 1974 and produced 600,000 tons of copper.
A final group photo to celebrate the end of another great trip.  Friend and family seemed to have a good time and I was really glad everyone could make it!
 This is a Kiri photo special.  She said she was capturing the raw manly power that only these three bikes could produce.
 A final picture on the road heading back to Tucson.  Thanks to everyone who followed along!  Until next post!..which should be sometime later this week if I don't get lazy.  Bye Bye!


  1. Great post, but I too am sad to see the trip end. Next!

    I love Kiri's photo special, my favorite of the post. But then I like the shot of them enjoying your witty repertoire too.

    Thanks for posting.