Sunday, April 22, 2012

3rd Annual Tucson Vintage/Classic motorcycle show & swap meet (Part 2)

Hello again.  This will be a quick post.  I'm hoping to get it out before HBO's Game of Thrones starts tonight:)  This is a continuation of various bikes I saw, last weekend, at the 3rd annual Tucson Vintage Motorcycle show.  I hope you see something you enjoy.

Still snapping pics of bikes people drove in on, here was a nice Ducati Desmodromic ST4.
A 1100 or 1150 BMW GS.  Not really sure.
This was one slick looking bike.  A Ducati Testastretta 999.  Looks like it rolled right off the showroom floor.
I had to grab a shot of it's headlight arrangement.
A couple of old Triumphs.
One of the bikes had a gel seat cushion that I had never heard of before.  It was from Skwoosh.  Looked comfy.
A BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica Bike.  Tuyen had to explain to me that Boxercup is a famous GP motorcycle race put on by BMW.  The signature comes from Randy Mamola.
A Ducati of some sort..a Monster maybe?
A Honda Transalp.
There were two nice looking Aprilia's at the show.  They had a distinct headlight display. This was one of them, a Tuono RSV1000 R
And this was the other. I believe this is a Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards.  This thing was decked out to the hilt.  If this was a 2003-2004 model year, the bike looked brand new.
Notice the communication setup he/she had on the side of the Arai helmet.
And next to it was..a Flyscooter II Bello Scooter
A CBR of some sort maybe??
A Honda MB5 and a CT70.  According to Wikipedia - The Honda ST70 Dax was sold in Canada and the USA as the CT70 "Trail 70" from 1969 to 1994 . It is a minibike distinguished by a pressed-steel "T-bone" frame, and equipped with folding handle-bars. The slightly larger ST90 Dax was sold in the USA as the Trailsport, but was not given a CT-series designation. This was probably to avoid confusion with the concurrent Trail Cub CT90 "Trail 90".
Now we start to get into the more vintage bikes of the show.
This is a 1932 Indian Inline 4 cylinder.  I think I had pictures of this bike last year.  I like how the spark plug wires run from one side of the motor to the other.
I was deep into the heart of the show.
Trobairitz', if you've made it this far I wanted you to show Troubadour this sexy looking Triumph Tiger.  Looks like a bumble bee and a Humvee had a child.  I wish I had snapped a shot of it's information page.  I would have loved to have taken it out for a spin.
Getting tired.  More pictures tomorrow.  Game of Thrones was excellent as ever!


  1. More awesome pictures. That show has some really great bikes in and out of the parking lot.

    That yellow Tiger was pretty neat. I made sure to give Troubadour the link. The bike looks close to the same year as his. Interesting how they have the boxes painted. Very utilitarian/industrial. Definitely looks like a bumble bee.

  2. Thanks for posting the pics, the Tiger looks like a '99 (spoke wheels) but that isn't the stock color or decals for that model year, but I like it. I love the Rhino-liner sprayed panniers and trunk, the homemade fashioned bash plate and huge windscreen. They definitely have it set up for long distance riding with the bar risers and beaded seat cover on a Corbin seat. He has even increased to footprint of his side stand. I'll bet the owner has some interesting stories to tell.
    Great pics of the other bikes too, that little Honda MB5 would be neat to own, not to mention the Transalp too.

  3. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog. I'm going to work on the next post, but I'm feeling lazy tonight. It may not get posted until tomorrow. So many other blogs to catch up on:) Take care!