Saturday, April 21, 2012

3rd Annual Tucson Vintage/Classic motorcycle show & swap meet (Part 1)

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by.  I can remember visiting the Tucson Vintage motorcycle show with my dad last year, and here I was again.  Fair warning this post is going to contain a _lot_ of motorcycle pictures and not much story.  I really enjoy going and wandering around the bikes just to see what everyone is riding.  Each bike is a reflection of someone's character or style.

If you don't know, this show/swap meet is put on by the Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders.  The show was last Sunday (April 15th).  I felt that it had gotten bigger since last year.  There seemed to be a larger crowd, and more bikes parked about.  My hope is that it really takes off and Tucson will have it's own unique yearly get together.  Here we go...

I parked the Bonnie and started drooling at all the bikes parked about.  I hadn't even gotten to the main show and I was taking pictures of bikes people had driven here on.
Parked nearby was a Suzuki Bandit 1200S with sidecar.  Check out the front forks.  They go straight down and then out.
Next to the Suzuki was a nice looking Triumph Sprint.
I'm not sure what this is.  Some sort of Yamaha cruiser?
A beautiful Ducati Desmoquattro 996.
Someone's BMW R1150RS
An old Honda 750 four cylinder that someone put a lot of work into.
These next few bikes were part of the swap meet.  Old fixer uppers that could be someone's next project bike.
My friend Tuyen and his son Nicholas drove down to the show as well.  You can see them on the right of this photo.
A nice looking BMW R60/5.  Notice the KTM behind it.  The rider stored his helmet on the wind screen.
An 1100 v-twin Moto Guzzi Jackal.  I didn't notice the twin tail lights until later.  I would have grabbed a photo of them.
Looking down the line.
A nice looking Royal Enfield.  I can't make out what year it is, but it has a kick start.  I don't know if the later 2000's have those.  Before I settled on the Bonneville I was definitely looking at these because of the retro look.  The nearest dealer was in Phoenix though, and after finding the Bonneville at a dealer closer to home it was game over for my Enfield obsession.
A very colorful Moto Guzzi V11 Sport.  This bike could be seen from any direction at the show.  I like how the front forks slip into the front fender.
A Ducati 748.
Quite a large segment of Moto Guzzi and Ducati riders represented at the show.
Looking directly across at Barrio Brewery.  They allow the event to take place in their parking lot. 
Captured another Royal Enfield bike going by.  I just checked out their website and it does indeed look like all of their modern bikes include kick starters.
A couple of Norton 750 Commandos.
A Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe' Classic.
A fully decked out Harley Davidson Road King.
This guy had a pretty interesting kickstand.  I thought it was very unique!
So many more bikes to go and I haven't even made it across the street yet!
I'll post some more pics tomorrow!


  1. Great day of wandering though interesting bikes. Funny how sometimes the biggest show is in the parking lot. Or at least it seems like that with our vintage show sometimes.

    Great pictures. I am looking forward to the next post.

  2. You’re so lucky to spot a vintage Moto Guzzi, Bonnie! They are my favorite mainly because of their influence in the motorcycle racing scene. Also, their engineering innovations helped shape the industry today. Anyway, it’s great to see that this show showcased different types of bikes. I guess that’s the reason the venue was packed. :D

  3. @Katelynn - Thanks for the comments! Yeah the show seems to keep getting bigger each year and Moto Guzzi bikes always have a strong presence there. Only a few more months until the next one. I'll make sure to snap a few pictures of the older Guzzi's:)