Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting ready to ride

Tomorrow is departure day! Right now my goal is Santa Clarita, CA.  That's a long 528 miles and even I have my doubts.  I didn't make any reservations, so I can stop anywhere north of LA if I'm not feeling it.

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If I _can_ make Santa Clarita that only leaves 326 miles to Ben Lomond.  Which makes for a relaxing ride north, maybe spending more time exploring New Brighton State Beach or Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.  We'll see how it goes.

This afternoon I took the bike down and got her gas'd up.  She got a little bath, and tire pressure was properly adjusted.  Here's most of the items going on the ride.
All of this needs to fit into here

A brief run down of all the gear.  I'll be gone Frinday-Tuesday, and I like to pack for one extra day, so that means six shirts, socks, two pairs of jeans, two light pull overs, one heavy pull over, pair of tennis shoes, ditty bag, beanie, two heavy weather riding gloves, two light riding gloves, wallet, camera, phone, ear plugs, clear vizor, mirrored vizor, rain gear, motorcycle cover, riding boots, riding jacket and pants.  There are other small items but that pretty much covers the heavy stuff.

This is my heaviest riding jacket.  It's a Frank Thomas - Tourino SP Aquatec.  If I had it to do over again I'd probably go with something else.  My personal opinion is the build quality is pretty cheap, if you notice I've already lost a button on the front.  I'm sure it can be fixed..just haven't had the time.  I bought it last year when winter was starting.  I walked into a Cycle Gear and asked for the warmest jacket they had.  This was it.  I did use it on some pretty cool days and it did keep me warm.  I haven't tried it in the rain yet.
These are my Tourmaster - Venture Air Pants.  Even though it's a mesh pant it has a inner rain/windbreaker and thermal liner.  You'll notice my expert repair job on one leg.  That was where I melted a hole into them when I went down on the bike a few months ago.  The hole was catching on the foot peg, at stops, so I patched it with duct tape.  The wife says her respect of me has reached a new low.  I personally think my man status has gone waaay up by being able to wear duct tape.
To keep my neck warm, I've found that some Turtle Fur neck gaiters, the wife and I bought awhile back on a ski trip, work great to keep the cold and wind out.  You pull them over your head first, then put your riding jacked on.  My neck hasn't gotten cold yet with them on.
I'm bringing two cold weather riding gloves on the trip.  Some Triumph gloves I bought awhile ago.  They work great, but I need them to be one size larger and I'd like the sleeves to come farther up the arm.  That's why I stopped by the Triumph dealership at lunch today and picked up a pair of Joe Rocket - Sub Zero Gloves.  They were only $35 dollars and I really like how they come way back on the arm.

For those people who live in rain climates, whats the best way to wear gloves?  With them _over_ the jacket sleeve? or should the jacket sleeve go over the glove?  My gut tells me that the glove should go over the jacket sleeve.
My first line of defense against rain.  A FroggToggs jacket and pants.  I like them because they scrunch up into a small bag, they're easy to put on by the side of the road, and they seem to do a pretty good job at being water proof.  I've heard that if your pants get to close to the engine or exhaust they can melt pretty easily.
I bought these last winter as well.  They're microfiber underwear pants.  I can wear them under my jeans for extra warmth.  The only down side is that you can't really put-them-on/take-them-off on the side of the road.  You need to know if it's going to be cold that day and put them on first thing in the morning.  I'll probably use these on Friday when I leave LA.
My Joe Rocket tank bag.  I didn't want a very big one, so this is a pretty small model.  Just big enough to keep my wallet, earplugs, maps, tissues, and phone handy.
Last but not least, my paper map.  I'm not against GPS or such..I just don't have a power outlet wired into the bike right now.  I'll reference the map at gas stops or at lunch/dinner.  Otherwise I have my IPhone if I get turned around.
Ok, well that just about does it.  Thanks for all the views and comments I've been getting lately!  I'm glad some people find this stuff interesting.

I'm hoping to do some posts when I can find wireless.  See everyone from the road! /wave

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  1. Sweetie - I believe I said you should get new pants sans the hole...not that I had no respect for you. Have we ordered those new pants yet?