Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Triumph Demo Day (aka the demo day I missed)

I was sent north, by the powers at large, to increase my knowledge of new things.  Translation: I was sent to Phoenix to do some cross training due to the fact that my job is being expanded again.  Luckily I planned ahead and uploaded a few pics from my PC at home.

Back in April my dad and I stopped by a vintage bike show.  Towards the end of our meandering we were buying a couple of Triumph t-shirts from a vendor when a fellow customer walked up and said "Hey did you hear about the Triumph demo day going on at Performance Cycle?"  After I finished collecting my eye balls from the ground and closing my jaw from the gaping open position, I asked him if he was sure and then told my dad we had to stop and take a look.  For those who don't know what a demo day is, typically you don't really get to test drive different bikes at a dealership.  Too many riders want to test drive all the bikes, and that racks up miles on show room models which lowers the overall sell price.  As a result, manufacturers will typically send large trucks around the country loaded with the latest models that people can sign up and take test rides on. 

I specifically signed up on the Triumph web site to be notified if a demo day was scheduled in my area.  Triumph must have lost my notification email in the vast ether between their computer and mine because I received no such notification.  And I hadn't been to my local dealer for a few months otherwise I would have seen the posters.  As a result we didn't get over to Performance Cycle until 3:30pm and they were closing up shop at 4pm.  Thus no chance to ride every bike that Triumph makes.   Curses!!

The last test ride of the day was out on the I just snapped a few quick shots in between drooling all over the bright plastic and chrome.
Here's Triumph's retro cafe racer, the Thruxton.  Pretty similar to the Bonneville but with lowered handle bars and a little more sporty look. 
This is a new model from Triumph for 2011 called a Tiger 800.  It's a dual sport bike that feels at home on the pavement and dirt roads.  This version has more city styling while there is another model called the Tiger 800XC that has more off-road styling.
This is a good looking bike!  The new Thunderbird Storm.  Matte black paint with a 1699cc engine.  Did I mention I didn't get to ride any of the bikes?  Probably a good thing.  This one could have gotten me killed.
That same Thunderbird storm in front.  I believe that is a normal Thunderbird behind it.  Notice the single headlight and shiny black paint.  I'm pretty sure the red bike on the right is a 2011 Speedmaster.  And there are two of the new Tigers and a single Thruxton back left.
My dad next to a Sprint GT without the hard cases.  Horrible shot of the bike.  Should have gotten it from the other side.
Well that's it.  Sorry..I really should have taken more pictures.  I was to busy ogling all the bikes.   What really looked good..and of course I didn't take any pictures of it was the Tiger 1050.  Really nice! looking bike up close.  If I could have only test driven one of them the Tiger 1050 would have been my first choice.  This is because I'd like to get into sport touring eventually.

Well that was the Triumph Demo Day that I didn't get to demo at.  There's always next year....(sad face)

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