Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABCD Entry

This is my entry for the ABCD - Will you take part?

My wife and I just got back from taking it.  I had forgotten today was May 1st.  Luckily I checked my blogs this afternoon and saw another blogger with their picture.  I yelled out "Honey, we have to go take a picture!"  After I explained the whole concept she was in and we hopped over the Tucson Mountains to find a nice deserted stretch of road.  This is McCain Loop Rd just west of Tucson, AZ.  It's light on cars and gives a nice back drop.  This is my usual destination when jumping on the bike and wanting to get away from it all.

UPDATE *****
Here's a link to all the pictures that were taken on May 1st.  LINK


  1. Well it's a wonderful photo and I think it's great so many people are joining in! Ride Safe!!

  2. Great pic and well done from another Bonnie owner (Wales, UK). I used my trailbike for the pic on my blog, though, as it was nearest the gate :)

  3. Great picture, love the scenery. Found your blog through Gary F's.

    Hope you don't mind me stopping by. It is nice to read about other riding adventures around the country.

  4. @Eve - Thanks!

    @Richard - Wow, looks so very green in your pic. Can't wait until I can take a vacation over to the UK, and maybe ride some of those back roads.

    @Trobairitz - Stop by anytime! I don't get to post often. But I'm forcing myself to stick with it:)

  5. Gived me a call if you do, and I'll show you the best!