Saturday, August 16, 2014

Montana Trip 2014 - Part I

After two weeks on the road, my dad and I made it back to Tucson last weekend.  Thought I'd share a few photos of the trip.  This expedition was conceived when one of my nieces was accepted at the University of Great Falls on a soccer scholarship.  Why not ride up there and check out the campus?? And since we'll be on the road, around the first of August, why not bop over and check out Sturgis!!  Sounds like a great idea...lets go!  So after figuring out a few minor details we hit the road.  Not many photos the first two days.  Our goal was just to get out of the heat and humidity

 Day 1

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Morning of departure!  Why does the CHiPs soundtrack always pop into my head right before a trip?  Feel free to rock out as you enjoy the photos:) 

In Flagstaff we met up with an old friend of mine and had lunch.  I hadn't seen Doug in quite a few years.  We used to work together before he retired early and now travels the world in his Dodge truck and fifth wheel.  Before you ask, I'm wearing a "cool" shirt I found on sale at Cycle Gear. Don't tell Kiri but I had to keep shooing all the women away who couldn't help keep their hands of the merchandise.  That's right!! it happened.

One of the small minor details of the trip was that my mom, sister, and her daughter (not the one going to college) wanted to go visit the university as well.   So they rode along in a support vehicle.  We happened to meet up with them near the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon.  It was quite _hot_ here, so we didn't stay long.

As a side note, my wife couldn't make this trip.  Her job as a school teacher started up the second week into the trip.  She wasn't happy about it, but sacrifices had to be made.  I tried to stay positive, and succeeded. Primarily since I wasn't the one who had to sacrifice. (I hope she doesn't read this part!)

Ahh, we finally made it to our first campground near the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  My niece wanted to camp, so my mom and sister setup a tent at the same place we were staying that night.  Another minor detail of the trip was that my old friend Jacob was crazy enough to join us.  He drove in all the way from Oceanside, CA.  Wouldn't be a bike trip without him.

That first night we dined at the nearby Jacob Lake Inn. 

My niece Kaitlyn getting crazy after a few beers.  Noooo just kidding, she's a bourbon girl.

Day 2

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We broke camp the next day.  My mom, sister and niece headed on to Provo and Salt Lake, while Jacob, my dad and I, kept to the back roads.  We stopped at a scenic overlook to check out the Grand Staircase.

The Grand Staircase is behind us.  No we're not holding hands! Let's move on.

We stopped near a little park in Circleville, UT.  The weather was warm so it was nice to find a little shade and a cool drinking fountain nearby. We still had a ways to go and it was already noon.  Who picks these daily distances we needed to adhere too anyway?  Oh yeah that's me.

We had too many miles to cover that day which didn't allow much sight seeing.  We skirted a few close storms near Fish Lake and then dropped down into the eastern deserts of Utah.  It was hot!, until we made some elevation near Duchesne, UT for a late dinner.  We camped at a Camperworld RV park near Starvation Reservoir.  At first the managers were unsure about us, since we weren't members.  But they did let us camp there and turned out to be pretty nice to talk to.  We were dry and starting to get into the swing of life on the road. 

Not a great picture of Jacob, but you get to see a small portion of the reservoir in the back and a pretty sunset.
More/Better pictures to come.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Going to try and comment from the iPad since it went blank twice after clicking publish from the big computer. Fingers crossed it works.

    Looks like a great trip so far. Can't imagine being on the road for two weeks.

    And stopping at Sturgis - you brave brave men.

  2. @Trobairitz - It worked! Haha after a few days you get used to life on the road. The last few nights my dad and Jacob have both texted me wishing we were still out there. We just dipped our toes into Sturgis. Kind of a get in and get out. Had a good time you'll see:)

  3. @anyone - Thought I'd post a comment I received from my aunt. For whatever reason she won't make a comment on my blog:

    " A couple of observations and thoughts.....the cycle shirt might be a chick
    magnet had you not scalped your head and had as your biker buddy, an old not to worry Kiri. And do they only make blue bikes, or are you
    guys weird and have everything the same?"