Sunday, June 23, 2013

Colorado Trip 2013 - Part III

This is the continuation of a trip my dad and I took at the end of May.  The previous day we had just made Lakewood, CO.  Day 4 was going to be a "rest day", spent with family, checking out the various sights around town.  My dad and I didn't get to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater, the day before, so my cousin drove us over to check it out.  It's usually open to the public.  My cousin said a lot of people use it to run steps, or for hiking, or to just hang out.  Unfortunately this time of year it gets used a lot for graduations.  This morning was no exception.  As we drove up the local security told us we could come in but the ceremony would be ending soon and we might get tied up in traffic.

Here we are driving up to the amphitheater.  Notice all the cars in the parking lot.  There were two other parking lots on the other side that were just as full.
 We decided it was best to move on before we got caught up in the mass exodus.  I snapped this picture of the graduation taking place as we turned around.
 We decided to head over to the town of Golden, northwest of Lakewood.
 We walked along the Clear Creek, which runs through town.  It was strange to see people outside enjoying themselves on a summer day.  Here in Tucson, where we've now gone something like 25 consecutive days above 100 degrees, people tend to stay indoors until the sun goes down.
 There were a number of people painting along the river.  Not sure if this was a class project or if this is a typical occurrence in Golden.
 We also saw people kayaking down and then walking their kayaks back up the river walk, only to start all over again.  Looked like a blast!  I'd have to give this a shot if I lived here.
 Check out the bridge sign.
 Just your average Friday afternoon in downtown Golden. 
 Of course Golden is also known for being the hometown of the Coors Brewery.  The factory is built right along the banks of the Clear Creek.  Anyone remember those Mark Harmon Coors commercials from the mid eighties?
We decided to take the factory tour. 
 I have a friend in California who brews beer in his garage.  I don't think he has anything near this kind of volume:).
 Everything is automated.  I probably watched a semi-truck load of beer being boxed and moved within the span of 5 minutes.
 At the end of the tour you can sample three different brews that Coors produces.  They punch your wrist band after each glass.  I was joking that if I lived in Golden I'd take this tour every morning before work:)
 My cousin's wife, Shannon on the left, along with my grandfather, Ryan, and my dad.  I think I was in line getting another beer.
 After enjoying a couple of nice refreshing beverages we made our way back to main street.  I spotted this beauty along the way.  A Triumph Scrambler.  Pretty much the same bike as mine with the exception of higher exhaust and shorter seat.  Good to know the people of Golden have fine tastes in motorcycles.
 My cousin suggested we have lunch at one of their favorite pizza places, Woody's Wood Fired Pizza.  Oh my gosh it was so good!
 We had the all-you-can-eat salad and pizza bar.  They'd just bake fresh pizza's and put them out on the counter.  You'd grab whatever looked good.  I swear I ate an entire pizza after it was all done.  I highly recommend this place if you're in the area!
 After leaving the restaurant we all piled into my cousin's junker.
 Ok, just kidding.  This is not my cousin's car.  It was parked out front and was drawing stares like crazy as we left.
 After lunch we headed west to a place called Lookout Mountain.  If we had been on bikes the ride up would have been amazing.  Sharp curves and big elevation change.  This is looking down into the town of Golden from the top.
 Bird's eye view of the Coors factory we had toured that morning.
 It just so happens that Buffalo Bill Cody is buried at the top of Lookout Mountain. 
 I have to say he picked an amazing spot for his final resting place.
 After touring the grounds we had time for a family photo before heading back home.  My aunt Carole and Rita on the left.  Lance, my parents, Ryan, and my grandfather on the right.
 That evening, Shannon made us Indian Fry Bread Tacos.  They were delicious!
 Nothing like eating well on a road trip!  Stay tuned for more!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Golden and area seems like a nice place to be (at least in summer I suppose).
    Not sure about your taste in beer through... we Germans would call this no more than yellow - um - water.

  2. Damn, I am hungry now after reading this.

    The red rock amphitheater is interesting. it was just listed in Rolling Stones 10 best places to play a concert.

    I was surprised at how large the Coors factory looked in comparison to the rest of the buildings in that close up shot.

  3. @SonjaM - I've got a lot of friends that agree with you on the beer comment. I'm sure in your neck of the woods you have your pick of some mighty fine beverages. Now I'm thirsty!

    @Trobairitz - One thing I forgot to comment on in that close up shot, is that you can see the Clear Creek river running right through the plant. I'd love to see a concert at the Red Rock! Must be a truly amazing experience!

  4. Are you using the stock seat?

  5. I am using the stock seat. But I have a Airhawk seat cushion on top of that. I find it gives me an extra 100miles of travel before my butt gives out. (

  6. So this is extremely random, but that is me in the blue kayak and my friend in the white one. Small world! I don't suppose you have any more photos?

  7. Hey Ken, Sorry just saw your comment tonight. I only had one other photo of you, pretty much the same scene. I'm linking it here: