Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming home

I'm typing this up from a campground in Kanab, Utah.  It's 10:15pm and the stars look amazing from where i sit.  My Dad and I are heading home after an amazing 7 days on the road.  We're going to stop and visit my uncle tomorrow, and then I'll be able to see my lovely wife on Wednesday.  Today marks our 13th wedding anniversary.  Love you honey!  Thanks for letting me go traipsing through the country side on Bonnie:).  See you soon.  Here are a couple teaser pics from the road.



  1. Holy moly, traipsing around during your wedding anniversary. Solution? Kiri needs a bike of her own!

    Greetings from Alpine!

  2. @Trobairitz - Thank you very much!

    @Dugg - Haha We've talked about that. Although I'm sure she'd do fine riding her own bike I think I'd be nervous as hell about her safety. I can't afford to lose her, she's the only woman willing to put up with me:)