Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012!

Three, somewhat wise, men decided to take a ride yesterday.  It's been awhile since any of us had sat on our bikes, so it was nice to get out on the open road.  We took Mission Rd south until it dead ended at Duval Mine Rd.  It's a relaxing ~70 mile round trip ride with little to no traffic to speak of.

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On the way back Tuyen and I switched bikes.  His Honda VFR felt like a nimble sports car that wanted to drag race anything around it.  Tuyen told me his engine had a VTEC system which meant below 6800RPM only two valves per cylinder operates, giving the bike more torque and better fuel economy.  Once you go above 6800RPM all four valves kick in giving more power.  Who doesn't like more power?  I had to feel it for myself, so I rolled on the throttle and somewhere around 5th gear I noticed the speedometer stopped listing numbers and just flashed the words "Warp Speed".  If I had his motorcycle for any period of time I'm quite sure I'd be on a first name basis with all the local law enforcement officers. 

Thankfully we pulled over at San Xavier Mission, for a few pictures, before I could get myself into any deep trouble.
It'd been ~7 years or more since I'd last stopped here.  During that time the left tower was completely encased in scaffolding for restoration.  It was neat to see the finished work.  Now they'll have to start on the right side.
I didn't go inside since the sun was starting to set, and we wanted to get back before it got too dark.  I'll have to come back and get some more shots later.
Well that's probably going to do it for 2012.  It's been a great year and I wanted to thank everyone for following along.  Here's wishing everyone has a great holiday season and I'm looking forward to all the trips and travels that might be in store for us in 2013!  Until then, everyone stay safe out there!


  1. Sweet! Glad you guys were able to get out for a ride, and a treat to have little traffic too.

    So, did you like the VFR? Is there a mighty Street Triple in your future? Come on Santa.....

    Happy Holidays to you and Kiri and all of your extended family. All the best in 2013. I am looking forward to reading your blog next year and of course being jealous of all that sunshine.

  2. @Trobairitz - Haha, oh I'd probably get myself in serious trouble with a Street Triple. Not that I would turn one down or anything:) Bonnie seems to be more my speed for now. We had a great holidays and trips are already being planned. Thanks for all your support!