Saturday, February 18, 2012

Random Weekend shots

Just a quick post with some pictures over the last couple of weeks.  I'm still riding with my friend Tuyen each weekend.  Just no major rides.  I'm hoping to change that tomorrow.  The wife and I have a fun trip planned!   Until then, enjoy these grainy iPhone shots.

Three weeks ago Tuyen and I decided to ride to Madera Canyon, south of town.  We got there just as the sun was setting and we didn't see many people in the park.  You can just make out the town of Sahuarita down in the valley.
Neat shot of snow up on the hilltops.
As we were heading back down the road I spotted these wild turkeys by the side of the road.  Since there wasn't any traffic I pulled over to snap a few shots.  At first the birds just kept an eye on me, but once they figured out I wasn't a threat they moved back towards the road to feed on whatever wild turkeys feed on.
Last weekend Tuyen and I headed northwest of town to the Ironwood Forest national monument.  I didn't even know this place existed until I stumbled upon it just driving out in the desert.
Handsome looking fellows!!!  The mountain pictured on the sign is called Ragged Top Mountain and you can just make out the actual mountain just to the right of the sign.

At this point we were supposed to head back home as I had a Disc golf game, but it got cancelled.  So Tuyen and I decided to drive out to Kitt's Peak.  I'm posted on this ride before.  I'll just mention that the wind really started blowing halfway out.  Tuyen felt like he could have been blow off the mountain if the right gust had come along.  Luckily we avoided death this time:)  There was a lone Kawasaki Concours 14 in the parking lot.  As this is a bike I wouldn't mind owning I snapped a picture.  The owner had a neat luggage bag on the back with a curved back rest for the pillion rider.
This weekend the wife and I met Tuyen for lunch and then headed out to the Harley dealership to check out bikes.  Not that we're looking to buy.  We just like looking at the eye candy:)

The wife on a snazzy looking Blackline, if I'm not mistaken.
I like the Forty-Eight's just because they have beefy looking front wheels.  It's a good looking bike with a yellow tank and black fenders.
Tuyen on the new 2012 Softail Slim.  This is a nice looking bike!
And of course one picture of food porn.  These are called Toritos.  Chile's filled with shrimp and cheese and then wrapped in bacon and grilled to perfection. Holy mackerel! it's so bad..and yet so good.
I hope to have some nice pictures later in the week.  Until then, stay safe out there!

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  1. Glad you guys have been getting out and riding. Once it stops raining I'll be getting out more. Looks like the Harley shop had a lot of bikes in stock. makes for fun times trying them all out for size.

    Those Toritos look tasty. Back when I was a meat eater I'd have been all over them.