Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders

I've been on-call for the last week, so I wasn't able to sign up for any Freewheeler rides over the weekend.  This doesn't mean I've been off the bike the whole time.  I was able to take a short ride with my dad on Saturday.  He owns a Honda dual sport and we were finally able to meet up and ride through Gates Pass.  Good ride, but it's starting to get a little warm in the afternoon.  Morning rides are going to be the way to go as summer sets in.  I can't imagine riding the bike in 100+ degree weather.

I check the Craigslist motorcycle listings, for Tucson, just about every day.  I like to see what people are selling and you can start to learn the alphabet soup of cycle names after you see them over and over.  BMW is the worst..K100RS..I'm sorry but to the beginner motorcycle rider that means absolutely nothing to me.  Where as Ninja 250 paints a picture pretty quick.  End meaningless ranting.  Sometimes local bike clubs will post meet-ups in the ads and one caught my eye as it dealt with vintage bikes.  The Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders usually meet once a month at a local brewery downtown.  I had seen their ads last fall, but had been unable to attend any of them.  Well I decide to go see what it was like tonight.  Unfortunately everyone else had plans so I ended up going stag.  The Barrio Brewery, where the meet-up was held, is a pretty cool place down by the rail road tracks.  It's sort of neat to have a meal outside and watch the trains roll by and watch the people look over the bikes.

This had to be my favorite bike there.  I'm not sure what year it is.

A good looking BSA.
The Bonneville in the bottom left isn't vintage, it's just a few years older then mine.  It's hard to see but he had installed forward foot pegs for resting his legs on longer rides.  I may have to look into those.
Nice looking BWM, but those boxer motors are sure strange looking.
There were two vintage Indian's there.  This one is a 1938 I believe.  I was able to capture some video of the owner running the engine.
If only I could test drive all these bikes!!
I love gauges.  I wish my head light had a amp meter in it.
This looks like a older goldwing?? Not sure.
This is the other Indian that was there.  I'm not sure what the wooden cane was all about.
I'm not sure if that ornament was original or not.  It appeared to be made of plastic.
The sun setting on the orange paint of this Ducati was pretty cool.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

I had a good time.  Supposedly they're having a bike show and swap meet on April 10th at the same location.  I'm definitely going.  I'll make sure to post photos from that one as well.


  1. the silver BMW in the first picture is what I was looking for to buy. They don't come up for sale very often. That's a R100RS. It means R-engine (hoRizontally opposed, 1000 cc and Sport touring.

  2. Looking forward to this year's Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders 7th annual show and swap meet at Barrio Brewing Co. on April 24th.

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