Saturday, November 20, 2010

Madera Canyon Ride

Kiri and I actually rode this in early November.  It's a nice little ride about 25 miles south of Tucson located in the Santa Rita Mountains.  At this point I'm still getting my feet wet with the bike.  This has been the longest ride we've taken together and I was pretty happy overall.  The bike seems to handle great with Kiri on the back.  Plenty of power and it doesn't feel heavy.  At most I just have to handle the clutch with a little more discretion.  If I work it pretty rough our helmets will bang into each other.  I already have a couple of scratches on the back of mine.  I don't have any pics from the start of the ride, but Kiri was able to snap a few pics along the way.  She only did this when we had a few straight a-ways and our speed was steady.  My mom has already stated she doesn't approve of this:)

Road coming into the canyon.

The picnic area of the canyon.  There are also camp sites and hiking trails.

This one looks like we're really racing the curves.  But as you can tell from most of the shots we're never far from the 20mph mark.  True speed demons!

Trying to fit in Kiri, the bike, and the background.

Yes we did pay the fee..although it's really for people who are parking for day hikes.  You're supposed to put five bucks in an envelope, tear off the stub, and drop the envelope into the pay bin.  The stub goes on your windshield so the fuzz doesn't write you a ticket.  Never let it be said Kiri and I don't support the national forests.

How come I always have my helmet on?

There are quite a few single vehicle bridges in the area.  Make sure no one is coming the other way before speeding across!

Day hikers, or deadly serial murderers looking to hitch a ride.  We didn't stop.

Fellow biker.  We saw quite a few during the day.  Most of them wave as they go by.

Heading back down the road.  We probably only spent a total of 30 minutes in the canyon.  But I enjoyed the time.  And will probably be back with a friend of mine.  He owns a Honda 650 dual sport, and is always looking to go for interesting rides.

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